U.S. – based Tool and Die Manufacturer

U.S. – based Tool and Die Manufacturer

50% increase in revenue per employee


Class A surface panel die manufacturer supplying automotive OEMs with a number of issues limiting growth, including:

  • Low labor productivity
  • Changing customer and business mix relative to labor workforce
  • Lower margins as a result of operational issues from design to tryout
  • Lack of risk management processes and opportunity to improve culture

HRI Role

  • Validate current state, key issues, future state design, process maps, portfolio and improvement initiatives
  • Coach client in discipline building through data gathering and analysis systems (Learn to See)
  • Reduce lead team through sessions to develop logical thought methodology to reduce lead time and improve first-time quality


  • 50% increase in revenue per employee in 12 months
  • Strategy development including one- and five-year plan and stabilization of revenue to drive improvement
  • Developed value stream and identified issues impacting productivity and throughput
  • Improve plant layout reducing waste and improving flow
  • Identified and eliminated lead time issues
  • Implemented a demand and capacity planning tool
  • Implemented monthly shop floor metrics for financials, sales, project management and utilization
  • Dramatically improved culture increasing continuous improvements and idea generation